Think, create and develop an identity for our clients. Imagine specific and distinctive codes to reveal the character and uniqueness of each.

Asteré — Identity

2019 was the opportunity for the agency to discover Elitis, a brand specialized in luxury wallpaper, upholstery and wall claddings, originally from Toulouse. Our role by their side was to bring life to a new daughter brand, for which the entire identity was left to imagine and create. In a really spontaneous manner, Asteré was born. A brand that wants to reflect the savoir-faire and the artists’ inspirations. The line of wallpapers is made up of unprecedented and original decorations, which is the fruit of its rich history and each creator’s journey coming from diverse backgrounds, from clothing designers to plastic surgeons.

Dylyd — Identity

In order to help Dylyd in its desire to improve the real estate professions by bringing the necessary changes linked to permanent innovation in today and tomorrow’s world, Bonjour Paris has revisited the company logo to the striking slogan: dream your life, live your dream. A double meaning that has to be considered thanks to the mirror aspect which includes the two parts of the Dylyd’s service.

Izen Zaren — Identity

Inspired by her Berber roots, Jihane Zeghari left a career as a journalist to devote herself to her passion. She set out to explore the hills of Morocco, seeking artisans whose millenia-rich skills eventually turned into exceptional, contemporary pieces. Bonjour Paris was brought on to create a strong, modern visual identity that stands in contrast to the competitors' often predictable efforts.

Dresscode — Identity

Dresscode, the parisian press office who think 360° for its brands and designers communication, asked Bonjour Paris to reconsider its identity and, particularly, its logo. Exactly as its clients, Dresscode had to bear modernity, to speak loud about its experience and embody freshness. Through an elegant and sober typeface, the goal was to ring a bell right in minds and do not overshadow brand partners.

L'Exception — Identity

L'Exception is a perfect example of the retail world's gradual metamorphosis and its effect on entrepreneurship. From its 2011 online-only launch, this e-commerce driven multi-brand retailer has been featuring the crème de la crème of French brands, a tradition which it continued upon taking over an impressive physical space nestled under the brand-new Canopée des Halles in Paris. Bonjour Paris took advantage of this new beginning to revamp the brand's visual identity (which our Creative Director, David Polonia, had created five years earlier) as well as the entirety of its communication and sales materials.

Tara Jarmon — Typography

While designing the art book celebrating Tara Jarmon's 30th anniversary, we thought it would be a good idea to develop an exaggeratedly disproportionate "didone" typeface, artfully defiant of the usual layout rules of fashion publishing.

Peter Lindbergh — Typeface

During the preparatory phases of our work on the Peter Lindbergh website, our team was faced with a sizeable challenge: not one element of visual identity had ever been created for Mr. Lindbergh, one of the world's greatest fashion photographers. The search for a title typography for this brand new digital medium quickly became our main endeavour until we chose to design a custom typography for the artist. The new font had to bring together two major aspects of the photographer's work: a Germanic rigour, combined with Swiss precision.

Carolina Ritzler — Identity and Typography

French womenswear brand Carolina Ritzler has a unique point of view to design for strong women. Bonjour Paris helps creating brand identity to reflect the idea. The logo with a crossed C and R is inspired by the power Carolina Ritzler enable to each woman who wears the design. It provide a sense of empowerment and active. Much like the signature jumpsuits of the brand, the identity is designed with a streamlined eye for immediate impact yet simple and elegant.

Maison Lejaby — Identity

Driven by a passion for excellence and blessed with the kind of know-how that can only be acquired over the course of a century, Maison Lejaby got in touch with Bonjour Paris in order to redesign its visual identity. Completed at the end of the year 2015, the result of this collaboration is now very visible in all points of sale of the brand around the world. We chose a very masculine typography and a rather radical layout, which allowed us to give this unique lingerie house very distinctive brand image.

À table les soignants — Identity

The context of the health crisis has enabled the LVMH group and Michelin Guide to partner with Bonjour Paris to create a united digital platform. The project À table les soignants aims to thank medical staff who fought Covid-19 by providing them with dinners at prestigious restaurant tables. We then imagined a logo that conveyed the operation in a simple and visual way. We immediately recognize the concepts of lifestyle, quality and enjoyment that perfectly reflect the world of catering.

Degrenne — Identity

Since its foundation in 1948, Guy Degrenne has been manufacturing fine tableware and home decorating products. However, the arrival of new market players over the last ten years has led the brand to rehaul its communication strategy and positioning. Bonjour Paris was given the task to make this transition come to life, alongside the brand's new management team, Thomas Mulliez and Blandine Franc. The transformation is nothing short of radical. The positioning of the visual identity was upgraded: the label's name was shortened to Degrenne, which now stands out with an elegant, forceful presence, and complemented with a proprietary grey which recalls the Maison's DNA and primary raw material, steel, at various stages in its transformation.

Y — Jewelry

For the Indian brand of charm's, fashionable jewelry on the Indian territory and worth a thousand words, Bonjour Paris adopted the position of the famous generation Y to work on this project. A complete identity and graphic charter has been created around this perspective and what this jewelry reflects, joy, simplicity and aestheticism. The Y letter has also proven to be meaningful: the internationally-know hand sign.

Eligenda — Identity

Eligenda is an premium private service specializing in lifestyle management and assistantship dedicated to demanding international clients. Therefore, it was important to highlight the premium aspect of this company. Bonjour Paris has decided to focus its production and design around a high-end brochure. We also took the opportunity to revisit the Eligenda logo as a lock key opening doors of exceptional places, especially Italy.

Armin — Identity

Modernize and bring a 700-year old eau-de-vie up to date isn’t an easy task. Armin is the new Armagnac brand, bold and fresh. Proud of its roots, the brand is ready to seduce a new public and to erase all the clichés which stick to it. Bonjour Paris brought all the ingredients needed to make the perfect success recipe: a strong identity and an offbeat audacious tone.

Oratio — Identity

Hidden in the heart of the Latin quarter, the Oratio Hotel has been refurbished and announced its reopening for Spring 2020. For this occasion, our agency accompanied the hotel in the process of reinventing their identity and the concept around the name Oratio. The artistic direction and the universe of the hotel were conceptualized around coherent storytelling : a neighborhood and friendly hotel. It was important to correlate the ambitions of the hotel with its graphic identity, we have therefore worked hand in hand with the architects and the illustrators to follow the evolution of the renovations and get in the heart of the hotel’s history.

Coucoo — Identity

Bonjour Paris worked for the eco-domain Coucoo’s huts by creating a whole new image and identity for these unusual places. The challenge was to translate the idea of resting in the heart of nature, taking a break. Thus, the moment was a key element in determining the construction of the logo and of a smart-thematic signage.