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Degrenne — Emailing

Since 1948, Guy Degrenne has been manufacturing fine tableware and home decorating products. However, the arrival of new market players over the last ten years has led the brand to rehaul its communication

Fred — Emailing

Bonjour Paris had the great pleasure of working with the Parisian fine jewelry Maison, Fred, on developing its customer experience, both online and offline. In order to diversify the brand’s communication mediums, the Maison asked us to imagine various newsletter designs for different occasions and events. To provide our client with a creation that matched its image, we thought of a refined, minimalistic and chic design that would allow the customers to identify the brand’s code.

Ralph Lauren — Emailing

Ralph Lauren New York called on Bonjour Paris to redesign the newsletter program of its CRM system. The goal was to integrate more technology through APIs directly into the emails while also reviewing the design template. A complete new type of newsletter that can be personalized according to customers, an upgradable and modular design.

Cointreau — Emailing

Never too far from Bonjour Paris, Cointreau entrusted us its newsletters’ creation. The very first aim was to keep in touch with the brand enthusiasts, but also with the fans, by keeping them informed of the liqueur’s actuality, adding some cocktail recipes. For us, the importance of a newsletter is all about entertaining, so the insight was to catch the eye by offering a joyful contenu and an attractive design.