Reveal the uniqueness of our clients by offering e-shops websites in the form of flagships. A perfect way of showcasing the products to turn our audience into customers.

Asteré — Website

Asteré invites art into the intimacy of home... Bonjour Paris had the pleasure to work with Elitis, a French brand specialized in luxury wallcoverings. Our role by their side was to bring life to their new born project for which we imagined the entire branding and developped the website. In a very spontaneous manner, Asteré was born: A brand that wants to enlighten the savoir-faire of contemporary artists from all over the world and their inspirations by collaborating with them on various collections of wallpapers.

Aristide — Website

We have worked closely with Aristide to create a new digital experience, staging the collections of sophisticated gloves in a graphic universe, definitely urban, according to the most creative and original trends. The result is making a break with the usual codes of high-end fashion and perfectly embodying the boldness of the brand and its Creator’s vision.

David Mallett — Website

With his first New York salon opening this fall, celebrated French hair master David Mallet is ready for an international and digital expansion. Bonjour Paris is happy to be a part the expansion helping him relaunch a new website bringing the glamour of a French salon online to be experienced around the world. David Mallet has a clear vision for the website. “I want the website to be an imprint of my business DNA,” he says. Bonjour Paris takes that to heart in every step of the process in making it. The website features sophisticated and elegant color tone reflecting his Parisian salons. The streamlined layout offers better ways to showcase visual imagery.

Trilobe — Website

Inspired by the spirit of traditional fine watchmaking for a modern-day man, Gautier Massonneau, the founder of Trilobe, a new French watchmaker brand has set his goal to redefine how we see and read time. With such daring spirit, Bonjour Paris took on the project to help him build Trilobe as digital native luxury brand. The project includes the brand’s identity, strategy, the e-commerce platform, social media strategy, the art direction and production for parts of digital content... as well as the design of numbers of the dial of the watch! With expertise and skills in guiding luxury brands develop their digital transformation, Bonjour worked closed together with Massonneau to understand his ambition in order to take Trilobe reach its full potential digitally. Trilobe came in at the early stage and Bonjour's Creative Director worked with the brand to understand the vision to finesse existing logo and create identity that includes graphic guidelines, packaging and art direction. The numbers on the dial are also redesigned to be more readable and reflect the serif typeface from the logo, a rare design on timepiece. Trilobe has given creative liberty for the team to design and develop the website according to the brand strategy which results in a sleek and simple website inspired by the three rings on the dial of the watch with focus on visual content to be presented at the forefront.

Redstar FC — Website

We imagined a minimalist interface made up of blocks. It’s simple to use, pleasing to navigate and explore. The images display the items of clothing on the models in order for the users to identify with the items and project themselves into the clothes and accessories. In order to build Red Star as a premium brand, we have decided to inject a totally different artistic design : men and women pose together and adopt casual and positive attitudes. There are wide frame angles, as well as more detailed close-ups. Bringing a « fashion » angle to the images enabled us to seduce a different type of target audience that enjoys sportswear as an everyday attire. Beyond an artistic choice, the mix of genders on the images helps the users perceive the clothes and accessories as unisex, which increases interest and generates better conversion.

Carolina Ritzler — Website

Carolina Ritzler dropped everything mid-career to devote her life to fashion design. Her eponymous brand, which she founded in 2014, reinvents a key piece of women’s wear. Her truly exceptional jumpsuits, with their interplays of silhouettes, materials and colours, are always elegant (yet supremely comfortable) giving their wearer an unmistakable charisma and poise. Bonjour Paris accompanied the designer in her brand's rapid growth by creating a chic, modern, and quick-loading e-shop.

Repetto — Website

We worked with Repetto, with which we had been enjoying a long flirtation, to help its digital team overhaul this wonderful French brand’s e-commerce site. The previous version, dating back from 2011, had not yet adopted responsive features and was a victim of the brand's success – and expanding catalog. Substantive research was conducted to keep only the essential and most important contents of the site. Designed in its smallest detail, the site gives graceful visuals center stage amid a stripped-down layout illuminated by an elegant and modern typography.

Anthony Peto — Website

For our latest project, we had the pleasure to work with the talented hat maker Anthony Peto. Bonjour Paris was charged to imagine the art direction the pack shots for his new e-shop. To help the customers project themselves, we wanted the hats to be worn by models with a casual and positive attitude. The styling was thought minimalistic so the focus could be on the products. We also wanted the DNA of the brand to be represented so we went for a warm colored background. The idea was to communicate to the customers that they could choose any of the hat and wear it however they want to.

Andrew GN — Website

Parisian couturier Andrew Gn wanted to integrated a digital experience for his eponymous brand. Bonjour Paris took on the task and redesigned the website with a full-featured e-commerce experience. Paying homage to his Singaporean heritage, the website reflects his native root and immerses visitors into the heart of the brand, past and present. Shoppers can view all of the runway shows and purchase the latest collection, or place orders for custom pieces or reproductions.

Fauré Le Page — Website

For the French Maison drenched in illustrious history, the challenge was to create a digital universe including playfulness and seduction as their hallmarks. When it started in 1717 Fauré Le Page was a famous arquebusier providing Napoleon’s army among others.

Cardo Paris — Website

The quest for French swimwear brand Cardo Paris was to rejuvenate their image as well as their audience. Proud of being authentic and natural as opposed to communicating overly retouched images, Cardo women are serious about swimming. Swim it Your Way is straight forward, graphic yet natural. The lookbook was shot by Pierre Louis and the still life images by Vasilisa Ganakova.

Raphaëlla Riboud — Website

You would be forgiven for not knowing the work of Raphaëlla Riboud. Launched in 2012, this eponymous brand specializes in intimate clothing and colourful pajamas, featuring exclusive silkscreens and sumptuous embroidery, and imbued with a strong masculine vibe. In working on the brand's website, Bonjour Paris attempted to remain faithful to its colorful and creative universe.

Nose — Website

Nose is certainly the world's most innovative perfume e-commerce site, deploying a unique algorithm that was developed in collaboration with dozens of "noses" around the world to help customers pick a fragrance. Its incredible accuracy and effectiveness can be experienced both on the site, and at the brand's sublime boutique on rue Bachaumont in Paris. Bonjour Paris team worked with founder Nicolas Cloutier on the redesign of the site, which, since its launch in 2014, had become severely bloated in both the front and back ends. The interface elements were streamlined, stripped down and revised, to leave room for the products, which are highlighted by animations. The navigation through the immense catalog (nearly 2000 fragrances as of writing) was redesigned to allow for a gradual, didactic immersion in a field of luxury fragrances that is too often considered obscure and hermetic. The editorial content was also overhauled, benefiting from a clearer presentation, neat typography, and ample room for images.

Vuarnet — Website

Those who have known Vuarnet in the ’80s would without a doubt have fond memories of the iconic French brand, whose sunglasses were the only ones that counted at that time. With the arrival of new CEO Lionel Giraud, the brand made a major comeback – and into the hearts of adventure-seekers with a taste for luxury. We are proud to work alongside Vuarnet in its digital conquest, bringing their iconic designs on an e-commerce website.

Dragonfly — Website

The agency collaborated hand in hand with the team of Domaine des Étangs to bring to life a new brand concept and digital platform combining curation, inspiration, and e-shop. According to the Dragonfly Creations, we have designed a vibrant, sensitive and well-balanced website that perfectly embodies the Dragonfly brand, the selection of objects, and portraits of craftsmen chosen for their passion and talent.

Degrenne — Website

As part of the rebranding, we paid special attention to Degrenne's digital media presence. The brand's e-commerce website emerged as the real problem and required a complete redesign. We implemented a streamlined navigation path by sidestepping the competition's usual snakes and ladders, focusing on clear visuals and interactive content that reposition the product in its rightful central place and help shoppers make more intuitive choices.

Place des tendances — Website

Digital becoming crucial in the world of fashion, the digital platform Place Des Tendances collaborated with Bonjour Paris to reaffirm and strengthen their identity. Its role as a trends prescriber has made its platform the meeting point for all fashion, lifestyle, and beauty enthusiasts, as well as a guide for fashion amateurs. It was important to shed light on the inspirational dimension of the brand as well as the diversity of styles and personalities which are part of the brand’s community. We have reinterpreted the graphic aspect of the website, with richer graphics and cleaner texts in order to improve the user experience and the conversion to purchase.

Lightinderm — Website

LightInDerm entrusted the complete creation of its brand to Bonjour Paris, from the identity to the digital e-commerce platform. The objective was to create a digital presence and desirability for a new and unique product.

My Couture Corner — Website

After the Une Robe Un Soir adventure, which offered evening gowns rental, My Couture Corner reinvents itself and chooses Bonjour Paris to support it in the creation of its e-shop dedicated to luxury and designer pieces resale. For greater consistency, we have thought of a premium and refined design in accordance with high fashion codes, but also the brand’s image and values.

Duvelleroy — Website

Duvelleroy, or French timelessness. When Raphaëlle de Panafieu and Eloïse Gilles decided to revamp the brand in 2010, they contacted Bonjour Paris to rethink its complete identity. The challenge was to design an e-shop modernizing the brand’s image while also keeping the codes that make it historical and unique. After diving into the brand’s archives, we were inspired by the Art Nouveau pattern that we decided to digitized and incorporate into the website.

Y — Website

Collectible charms with Western inspirations to wear around bracelets, that is what the Indian brand « Y » offers. We thought it would be interesting to build a website with a home page recalling the brand’s logo, extrapolating its « Y » structure and dividing it into three interactive sections for the products and the look book. For the visuals we designed a 3D technology that allow the user to see the jewelry from different angles.

Maison Marcheval — Website

What if an e-shop could be more than just that? For the handmade leather goods brand Maison Marcheval, Bonjour Paris designed a website inviting the visitor to fully immerse into its universe with various blog articles, details about the inspiration behind each collection and even an animated version of Gaston, the brand’s mascot. 

Moynat — Website

Maison Moynat, part of LVMH group, has entrusted Bonjour Paris with the creation of its first e-commerce website. The entire heritage of this briefcase maker since 1849 has therefore taken place in this new digital place, designed to showcase all the expertise and freedom of expression of Moynat’s creations. 

KD Presse — Website

KD Presse, the agency proud of its 30 years of experience and specializing in the print distribution sector, has entrusted the keys to the renewal of its website to Bonjour Paris for a better user experience.