Contemporary artist JR has teamed up with Bonjour Paris to design and develop its new digital platform. The main challenge of the project was to showcase his entire Work through a more graphic and interactive website, offering a better user experience. Fully "user-friendly" oriented, it takes us into JR’s creations through an immersive journey to discover his overall project: exhibitions, photos, and videos.



Customer Credits

  • JR
  • Mauve Chalandon
  • Quentin Besnard
  • Marc Azoulay
  • Lisa Truchassout
  • Camille

Agency Credits

  • Benoit Candelle, General Manager
  • Liza Sengphong, Art director
  • Dorian Delorme, Creative Technologist
  • Eugene Lee, Creative technologist & Lead Developer
  • Mathieu Nay, Project Manager
  • Eloïse Godinou, Project Manager
  • Clément Froehlich, Project Manager